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Sindhri’s season starts from the beginning of June & goes on till July. Shelf life is 15-20 days after maturity.

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Sindhri the most famous heavenly variety of Pakistan’s Mangoes, also known as Honey Mango, originated in Mirpur Khas, Sindh. It's a juicy, vibrant yellow, sweetly aromatic, thin-skinned, oval-shaped & big-sized mango.

It has a fiberless smooth texture that never impedes the chewing process, plus an adequate sweetness that renders it even more desirable. So, it would be justice to say that Sindhri is the uncrowned Queen of Mangoes.

Its season starts from the beginning of June & goes on till July. Although the normal-sized Sindhri has the same aroma & rich flavor, it can grow into an even bigger mango above 1 Kg during peak season. The hot climate of Sindh blends with the richer soil to give it an incredibly delicious & irresistible taste.

Either eat Sindhri or drink its refreshing & healthy beverages in any way that satisfies your cravings, it’s delightful in all the ways.

Why is Sindhri called the "Queen of Mangoes"?

Sindhri is a leading variety of mango from Sindh. It is a large, oval-shaped mango with a yellowish skin, is low in fiber, and is highly aromatic. For many, Sindhri mango is the epitome of taste and texture in mangoes. While it is generally sweet, Sindhri mangoes might be a bit tangy early in the season. 

It is also one of the varieties that is seen the most commonly in markets in Sindh and the top variety of mangoes that are used commercially for milkshakes and ice creams. This mango also grows larger towards the end of its season between May and August and does not spoil easily, providing it with a fairly long shelf life than some of the other varieties, like Langra, which will start to turn black in a few days if you keep them refrigerated. And now you can buy Sindhri Mango Online and send the Special Mango Gift to fill your loved ones with this luscious happiness. 

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Buying mangoes from the carts and marketplaces is what we are habitual of. We find it more satisfying to hold and check mangoes with our own hands, but yet, do we get the most premium quality and with the most suitable rates?

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COVID19 and the Risk of In-person Buying

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, is inciting panic for a number of reasons. COVID19 is a new virus that started in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and has been haunting the world since then. This is now 2021 and still, we see major cases rising in countries (including ours) and struggling with taking measures to take control over the virus.

In this pandemic, at a time when there is no cure for this virus, we can only take safety measures and keep ourselves safe. To avoid being infected, please take the following measures strictly: 


  • Wear a Mask at all times when outdoor
  • Main at least 6-feet difference
  • Avoid Crowd
  • Hand Hygiene: Wash Hands often with Soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use Hand sanitizer
  • Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness


In this epidemic, when you are not supposed to go out in public areas to ensure your health and safety, it is not advised to buy mangoes from the outdoor carts and shops, as there is a high chance of them containing infections. In such a situation, SMGE cares for your hygiene and provides you clean, well-packed, and fine-quality mangoes. We save you the trouble, with just one click you can now order export quality mangoes from Pakistan.

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