About Us

About SMGE

Sindh Mango Growers & Exporters is a vertically integrated company of growers owning orchards, pack houses, & allied facilities of international standards. The fully integrated operations of SMGE include growing to pack mangoes for domestic & international customers. The facilities include desapping, washing, grading, hot water treatment, forced air cooling, ripening, and storage. All these operations and assets are nationally and internationally certified. These assets and operations are continuously audited by national and international service providers which help us in complying with international standards of health, hygiene, food safety, environment & workers’ safety. The six growers of SMGE located in different districts of Sindh own 1200 acres of mango orchards with more than 5000 tons of production, other than that there are 5 packhouses. SMGE ensures the provision of healthy and safe fruit that is up to international standards, as our suppliers and their processing facilities are certified by Global Gap, GRASP, HACCP, and Department of Plant Protection (Pakistan).  More

What Makes Us Unique?

SMGE is the pioneer of Sea exports to EU and UK by controlled atmosphere (CA) containers sustaining 30 days turnaround time. The quality assessment of these containers was done and published by experts of ACIAR (Australian Center for International Agriculture Research) and USaid.

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Technical Collaboration

SMGE has developed technical parameters to export mangoes via sea and air by working for 4 years with the expert team of ACIAR (Australian Center for International Agriculture Research). The expert team from Australia worked closely with SMGE from harvesting to the destination, monitoring every step till it reaches the consumer. At the destination the mangoes were tested not only by the customers but also by the experts, the different quality parameters checked were taste, color, disease, firmness, remaining shelf life, etc.