Journey From Farm To Palm

A Mango starts its long journey as a ‘Green Mango’. When the green mango becomes physiologically mature, it is ready to be harvested.

Beginning of Journey


Harvesting is the first process to start a mango’s journey. SMGE uses conventional techniques that pose no harm to the fruit. Each mango is individually harvested by ‘mango harvesters’ so as to prevent it from falling on the ground and keep safe from injury. 

2nd step of Journey


De-sapping is the process done right after harvesting, where the sap (which is a highly acidic liquid and can cause sap burn marks on mango skin) is allowed to drop from the green mango. During de-sapping, the green mangoes are placed upside down for at least an hour until all the sap drains out.

3rd step of Journey


After de-sapping, the mangoes are brought to the pack houses to get washed to get all their dirt removed. Water used here is the RO (reverse osmosis) treated water to ensure proper cleaning.

4th step of Journey


The clean and washed mangoes are then brought to the blast chiller, which is used for forced cooling at a minimum temperature for 4-6 hours. It helps to decelerate the process of ripening.

5th step of Journey


Then comes the grading, where the advanced mango grading machine classifies the mangoes into different sizes. This step helps to organize the mangoes according to their weight which then makes it easier to categorize them.

6th step of Journey


Ripening is the most crucial step in the process. In the traditional method, ripening is carried out using carbide (locally known as ‘carpet’), which is Carcinogenic. SMGE following the health standards of the fruit uses Ethylene chambers for the ripening instead of Carbide. To ensure safe and hygienic conditions, fully equipped and automated ethylene ripening chambers are installed to regulate humidity level, temperature level, air circulation system, effective ventilation, and specific gas emission levels (e.g carbon dioxide).

7th step of Journey


The qualitative comparison and sorting of mangoes is done in this step. The mangoes that comply qualitatively with the international standards of fruit health are kept, while others are discarded.

8th step of Journey


SMGE does the packaging of fresh mangoes complying with all the international standards. We keep mangoes primarily & individually in the fruit covering nets, then comes a secondary package. Our secondary packages are premium quality, safe to carry open-top & corrugated boxes.

SMGE operates on an efficient traceability system for all mango orchards, which
allows us to trace back the whole history of a mango, leaving no ambiguity behind.

There is proper labeling of the packages with Country of origin, Traceability code, Variety name, Count, third-party approval check, Company detail & destination address.

Final step of the Journey – Loading and Delivery

By Sea

During the loading, the labeled boxes go through the process of Palletization, in which the top-open boxes are fitted into the properly measured, fumigated pallets. These Pallets are loaded into a controlled atmosphere container (CA) container. In this container temperature, humidity, Ehtylen, Carbondioxide & oxygen are managed and controlled.  All these factors ensure safe and healthy mango at arrival after 22 days.

By Air

Loading is done in a proper manner eliminating the risk of damage & contamination, to ensure delivery of healthy, intact & safe fruit.
The consignment is delivered within hours depending on the destination.

Domestic Journey


Right after the moment you place an order, our workforce comes into action. The fresh intact mangoes are plucked from the orchard by the skilled personnel, de-sapped, washed, wrapped into a fruit covering net & packaged into a safe premium secondary packaging, that complies with all good agriculture practice standards. The packages are adequately labeled with Traceability code, Variety name, Count & company detail, address.

We offer either 4 Kg or 7 Kg boxes, packed according to the standards to keep mangoes fresh & intact until they reach your palm. The order is delivered within 2-3 days domestically in Pakistan.